In this guide, we will discover some of the possible causes that can cause the 30 canon 50d error message, and then I will suggest several ways to solve this problem.


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    Tim’s quick answer: Error 30 on a Canon DSLR indicates a bad shutter. While this mistake is certainly very common, removing and replacing haste usually brings you back to photography.

    What does Error 20 mean on a Canon camera?

    Err 20. Mechanical failure detected. Err 30. A shutter malfunction was previously detected.

    I started investigating “Mistake 30” on this forum, so I want to share my experience. I solved the problem.

    If you get your camera wet (salt water), do not submerge it in water. Valid o – make a mistake 30…

    Tried it – everything works for free. Call Cannon, $190 + shipping. Of course, if they can, they fix it.

    How do I fix Error 30 on Canon Rebel t3?

    Remove the battery from each camera. Thoroughly clean all battery contacts and the inside of the solar cell with a soft microfiber cloth. Do this even if the new contact already looks clean. Try again with a real battery in the camera.

    Worst case: financial resources wasted on shipping, and 3 weeks later I returned.

    The timing was not in my favor, so I visited several local attractions. At the first store, they told me that the camera was really unrepairable, rusty and financially unrepairable. The second store found out about the water damage and did a little research.

    canon 50d error 30 message

    They also told me that the canons wouldn’t have a good time if it was normal water.

    When I was little, I repaired TVs, VCRs, etc. How can I not fix this camera with all these microphones that can have a damaged shutter. But it was worth trying again. I’m less likely to be back on camera in an hour. I don’t know how it will turn out :

    canon 50d error 30 message

    1. Take off some cover, it’s easy, you’ll most likely do something like this:

    Life Pixel – Canon DRebel T3i (600D) DIY Digital Infrared Conversion Tutorial

    2. Use a magnifying mirror and inspect the entire board, especially the connectors. I noticed traces of sodium and corrosion

    3. I used rubbing alcohol, a piece of cloth, sharp strong aluminum (a needle will do) and cleaned the surface.

    24 hours later the camera works fine, no errors at all 30. Useless, does not appear when (salt water is bad)

    Err30 on a 50D scale very often means the shutter is bad. New original replacement shutter assembly restores your camera – works!

    With the help of special modification software, the number of shutter speeds is reset to return to ZERO. This is very convenient if you decide to resell the camera once.

    I can also calibrate the shutter when the images are completely dark at 1/8000s (then something happens when the shutter moves!). This is necessary to replace the shutter, otherwise your precious camera will not be able to take good pictures at high speed.

    Other software tasks are possible, including: changing diagnostics, serial number, unlockingRepairing internal error codes, replacing the motherboard, reforming autofocus, etc.


    Processing Time:

    *Services are not available for point-and-shoot cameras, movie cameras, and camcorders.


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan for Issues"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair All" to start the repair process

  • CRRS specializes in Canon DSLRs and even Nikon and Sony mirrorless cameras.

    *SMS/call/email with camera trade name, model and number. Pictures are helpful.

    It’s been a while since I posted, but I want to thank you. Since many events have happened in my life (moved twice, bought a real advertising house,…), I put everything aside for later.

    I would believe what you said, and since then the clasp has worked perfectly. I was thinking of trying this as the concept was the cheapest solution. I noticed that sometimes the shutter doesn’t release right away, so I suspected there might be a problem and followed your advice. The camera definitely has 40,000 hits, so it should last a lot of times. Thank you!

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    What Can Error 30 On Canon 50D Mean?

    How do I fix my Canon err 30?

    Move away from the camera.Remove the battery from the camera.Thoroughly wipe the battery contacts with a microfiber cloth. Do this even if the contacts definitely look clean.Try charging the battery again in some cameras.

    Err30 on a Canon 50D very often indicates a shutter failure. This is a prerequisite for changing the shutter position, otherwise the new camera will not be able to take good pictures at high enough speeds.

    How To Fix Canon Camcorder Error?

    1. Turn off the camera.
    2. Make sure the lens part is properly adjusted and the camera is not tilted.
    3. Clean the lens of the eye and its contact points with the cameras.
    4. Try changing the lens of the security camera.
    5. Turn off the camera.
    6. Remove the camera from the memory card, then reinsert it. Try
    7. once with another SD card.

    How Much Does A Canon 50D Cost?

    Average Mint Text only $100-120 $240-260 With lens from $140 to $160 $340-360 Product accuracy positions:

    How To Fix Error 30 On Canon Rebel T3?

    Remove the battery from the camera. Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean any contacts you have been instructed to clean on the power supply and battery compartment. Do this when even your garage contacts already look clean. Try charging the battery again using the camera.

    What Is Error Code 30 On An HP Printer?

    The HP Printer Error Code usually indicates how often the printer fails; On the other hand, the new HP printer stops working for unknown reasons. A possible cause of the problem is loose cable connections or device problems. If the problem persists, your website may be updating the firmware for inkjet printers.

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