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    Here are a few simple ways that can help resolve the lotus Notes location document error issue.

    What Happened

    You didn’t specify anythinghome/mail server or mail file in the current escape document.

    What You Can Do

    1. Check with your Domino® ibm® administrator for the names you createdHome/Mail server and mail file.
    2. Click File > Change Mobile Current® Location.
    3. In the Server field, enter the name of the associated houseexternal/mail server. If italready entered, checking for correctness.Mail,
    4. Under Checking the name and scope of the mail file. If itIn the subdirectory, specify your mailbase in the following format: this is the namefrom subdirectorymail filename. Example:
    5. Save the localization document you just published.


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan for Issues"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair All" to start the repair process

  • Try email again. If that doesn’t work, check Domino®, you are an administrator, to make surethat you have created a zip file.

    When we talk about the most secure email approach for business, Lotus Notes is always on the list. It is one of the best email clients focused on solid security features. For this reason, companies prefer IBM Notes for email communications. However, various internal errors may appear when using Lotus Notes. Among all, the most annoying error is the Lotus Notes “Could not create file” error message appearing on the screen when opening a document. This situation can be clearly understood from the realscenario encountered by a Notes user.

    “Hi everyone, I’m IBM and I’m using Notes 8.Client 5 and Domino Server 7.x Server. A few days ago, when I try to copy a file from Mail, I get the error “Could not create file.” So, to start with the problems of this problem, I close the Notes program and open the client again. But the problem is not solved at the moment. Does anyone know how to fix “Could not create file” error in Lotus Notes 8.5?

    Once we understand the situation with the idea, we will find most of the workarounds. Here we will help you identify the immediate cause of this process error and troubleshooting methods to help users easily restart Unable to Create Files™ in Lotus Notes.

    Possible Cause Of IBM Lotus Errors

    Where are Lotus Notes files stored?

    Locate the Lotus Notes data folder. Choose File > Preferences > Basic Notes Client Settings. The Application Local Folder field viewer displays the location of the data lists. In this example, the data directory is located at c:Program FilesIBMLotusNotesData.

    lotus notes location document error

    This error message occurs in the Notes application when the mail file data is corrupted. In addition, the error may appear when there is a memory leak or resource conflict in the Lotus Notes mail client. Therefore, reinstalling the IBM Notes client does not resolve this issue.

    Ways To Fix Lotus Notes “Could Not Create File” Error

    Some relevant workarounds are described below to effectively resolve the issue for different types of users.

    Approach 1: Perform Mail File Maintenance Tasks

    In order to process the mail file, you actually need to run the Domino Server configuration maintenance. To do this, you must first exit the Notes programs and run the exact command line shown below.

    1. Enter these instructions one by one into the Domino console to perform a specific maintenance task.

  • Download hotfix mailusername.nsf -f -n
  • download humble mailusername.nsf -d -c -i
  • download updall mailusername.nsf -r
  • 2. After that you need to cache delete.ndk and then run the Notes client and check if there is a problem or not.

    These commands must be run from the command line in the Notes directory. Users will most likely follow the steps below;

    1. Run the Windows command prompt as a strong administrator and search for notes in the directory.

    2. After that, enter the following touch command and press Enter. In such a situation, when the base the data is archived, enter the code and press Enter.

    nfixup.exe -F -N database_name.nsf

    3. After executing the above command, the below command will be executed.

    4. Finally, run this command to complete the main maintenance process.

    How do I repair my Lotus Notes database?

    Musical Instrument Fixup is a free built-in Lotus Notes feature to repair corrupted NSF files. Go to Domino Architecture and select a database to recreate files from the server. Go to File >> Tools menu and click on Fix Method. It will recover and restore lost versions of NSF.

    nupdall.exe -R filemail.nsf

    lotus notes location document error

    Note. The user must ensure that the IBM Notes service is closed during the detailed process.

    Compact Approach #2: Your Workspace Folder

    1. Double-click an empty space. Workspace notes.
    2. After that, click “Workspace Properties” and then go to the “Advanced” tab.
    3. Click the “% Used” button.
    4. When the rate below is 85%, click Compact.

    Approach 3: Checking The Notes Temp Directory

    Another cause, most commonly associated with the Lotus Notes “Could not create file” error, is that the antivirus program removes the file from the Notes temp directory. So you need to make sure you have the following in your notes.ini file not or .

    Is Lotus Notes end of life?

    Notes and Domino have no end-of-life plans and we will continue to update the processing schedule based on future mysteries and market needs.


    In this situation, if you have the above queues, removethem. Then restart the IBM Notes Lotus application. So when the package is run, it creates a directory inside the temporary folder. The information was originally named “notesXXXXX” where XXXXX recommends a hexadecimal number to be selected for notes in each session. This self-created folder is only deleted by IBM Notes itself and cannot be deleted at all. This file consists of the file “~notetp2.reg”. If this file is deleted or deleted, the notes will reappear with the error “cannot create file”.

    Closing words

    Technical errors are inevitable in any software application. However, this becomes very annoying when you often work with IBM Notes and get stuck in the middle of an action plan due to an error. So my partner and I have provided a few workarounds that will most likely fix the Lotus error “File notes cannot become multipart messages”.

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