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  • joseph m momFaculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Federal Agricultural University, Makurdi, Nigeria
  • Gabriel A. Egview
  • Silas Sow
  • Overview

    This article presents the bit error rate characteristics of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing/quadrature phase shift keying (OFDM/OQPSK) in combination with an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) continuous phase modulation (cpm) channel. The bit error rates (BER) for OFDM/OQPSK and CPM are compared in two separate simulations. The first is channelless, and the second is encoded in blocks, while not forgetting about the convolutional coding scheme. The use of OFDM has proven effective as long as its subcarriers are orthogonal to each other, which would provide the advantage of less intersymbol interference. The simulation setup is such that the signals create a binary Bernoulli source where, in separate simulations, they are modulated with OFDM/OQPSK, but CPM before entering the AWGN channel after demodulation. From the outputs, actuallyThis demodulator is fed into the error rate computer, where plots are obtained showing the section error rates. The simulation results showed a bitrate error of 1. In 7402e-05, 5 dB indicates an OFDM/OQPSK case with convolutional corner encoding, while the HTML block error correction method due to our hard decoding has a slightly higher BER of 0.0074. Finally, the uncoded trial had the highest BER of 0.0125 at the 5 dB point due to the lack of an error slap method.


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    oqpsk error rate

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    oqpsk error rate

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    What is advantage of QPSK over BPSK?

    Advantages of QPSK: QPSK offers very good noise immunity. This gives you a low risk of error. The bandwidth is much more efficient compared to BPSK modulation. With the same BER, the data rate required for QPSK is halved compared to BPSK.

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    What is the probability of bit-error for QPSK?

    Therefore, the bit error probability for QPSK is exactly the same as for BPSK: P ymca = Q ( 2 E f N 0 ) displaystyle P_b=Qleft(sqrt frac 2E_bN_0right) However, to understand the same bit error error probability as BPSK, QPSK uses twice the longevity (because two bits are transmitted at the same time).

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    Mr. Mom J, Igwue G A and Soo S (2018). The bit error rates of OFDM/OQPSK and CPM with channel coding on the awgn channel. International Scientific Journal: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR), 38(1), 189–197. Retrieved from

    Every calendar day, a billion is exchanged And bits that are transmitted over different wires. Bits are the smallest amount of data that can be processed by a machine or device – one or zero. When the connection is interrupted due to interference, it can cause an error when transferring data from one point to another.

    Whether you’re a mobile broadband provider with a large network, or you’re trying to develop a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, error rate testing is an important part of your process.


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  • Any type of digital transmission can contain intermittent noise, interference, distortion, or partial timing errors. Have you ever lost your music during a phone call, or suddenly lost enjoyment of your wireless headphones when the owner moved too far away from your entire device?

    This is usually the result of a malfunction. Bit error rate testers are used

    Measure the severity of connection-related error rates.


    Why Are Bit Error Testers Widely Used?

    What is bit error rate of BPSK?

    The indication takes twice as long to transmit as a particular bit (Ts=2*Tb), which means that the bandwidth efficiency of QPSK is twice that of BPSK. The bit error rate (BER) of a mapping system is defined as the percentage of the number of bits in error to the total number of bits transmittedfor a given period of time.

    A bit error rate tester must detect interruptions in connections, act on their causes and prevent interruptions in operation. The bit error rate is (approximately) the number of bit errors per unit of time. The results are listed in ratio converted to the corresponding percentage.

    What is the difference between QPSK and OQPSK?

    The maximum receiver for OQPSK is almost exactly the same as for QPSK, with the only difference that the time correction Tb must be taken into account directly by the correlator when sampling. tions. Thus, the symbol error rate and the type of corresponding bit error rate for OQPSK are the same as for QPSK.

    For example, if you sent 10 bits from one computer to another and two of those bits were wrong, the page error rate would be 0.2, or alternatively 20%.

    What is the advantage of offset QPSK Oqpsk compared to conventional QPSK?

    I would say that the results obtained show that OQPSK performs better than QPSK modulation in terms of BER, which generally indicates that OQPSK has higher bandwidth efficiency and is therefore definitely used for lower power systems. , since it has the quality of a higher channel frequency error.

    Why are these relationships so important? If the bit error rate gets high enough, the transmitted data can be so garbled that the receiver can no longer recognize it. From fiber optic cables providing Internet connectivity to Ethernet connections in a data warehouse, bit error rate testing is an integral part of content delivery and management.

    BPSK Bit Error Rate

    Phase Shift Keying is the action of digital modulation,in which data is transmitted by varying these constant frequency waves with respect to a reference signal or carrier transmission. Binary phase shift keying (BPSK) is my simplest form of PSK.

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    What are the BER values for QPSK and OQPSK?

    o where BER values ​​are calculated is from -half a dozen to 6 dB for mutual QPSK and OQPSK. As a result of the simulation, many results were obtained, which are explained in the figures in the show. The figure most effectively shows the mapping for zones 1 and 2 for the real-imaginary part generated by the Internet input signal at AWGN Eb/No 6 dB for OQPSK and QPSK.

    What is offset QPSK (OQPSK)?

    There is a variant of QPSK known as shifted QPSK (OQPSK) in which the in-phase quadrature components are shifted by a small interval Tb. On fig. Figure 7.17a shows in detail the binary input signal m(t) appearing in polar form for the bit stream.

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