Over the past week, some of our users have encountered a known bug in the visual Studio 2008 debug working directory. This issue occurs due to many factors. We will discuss this below.


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    By default, when a person does this, the executable is extracted, and the working directory is any directory containing the Visual C++ program ( .vcxproj ). This is, of course, the directory that will serve as the current directory for your entire executable when run with Visual Studio.

    I have a C++ VS2008 solution for several projects. This solution contains the computer data files required for execution, the type of which is loaded according to the purpose of the solution index (for example, "Testing/data/" + "dataN.bin"). p >
    visual studio 2008 debug working directory

    For this solution to work, I need to set the working directory in someone’s projects to be in the solution’s directory (for example, Configuration Properties >> Debug >> Working directory is $ ). (SolutionDir) ). This doesn’t work well when I’m debugging on my organization’s PC. However, if a user downloads my solution multiple times, this property may not be set correctly in their projects.

    I have mapped this setting so that it is not in the report project (PROJECT.vcproj) but in the currently created user file ( PROJECT it.vcproj.DOMAIN. USER. user< /code>).

    I love the way to keep this for ALL users without having to manually configure the product over and over again.

  • Find x A better way to save this is in a new .vcproj file (not a custom file) in the solution file.
  • Find a way to actually create a "per-user default file" from which all existing per-user settings originate (and which you may later be able to change to your liking).
  • visual studio 2008 debug working directory

    I haven't found a way to do both.

  • I may want to work with a lot of large MP3 files like these resources, so I'm probably avoiding trying to successfully copy to different directories.
  • Decisions should encourage multiple configurations (debug, release, etc.).
  • I want to avoid pre-development and post-development scenarios whenever possible, to keep things simple (low priority).
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