You may encounter an error code indicating that the zend debug server was unable to connect. There are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue, which we will now discuss.


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    The Xdebug hint debugger allows you to execute code interactively.Debugging, bandwidth control, and data structure validation.

    Presentation #

    zend debug server did not connect

    Xdebug interacts with the IDE to provide Go debugging andSo to set it up, you also need an IDE that knows exactly how to interact with Xdebug.with this DBGp log.

    zend debug server did not connect

    This protocol is supported by almost all PHP (including the Visual Studio ideCode and PhpStorm) and, of course, text editors. There isalso a special simple command line debug client that can be purchased as part of the project,But xdebug is highly recommended to use the IDE for debugging. (A summary of third party clients is always available belowthis page.)

    Configure Debug Step #

    In your php.ini, 99-xdebug.ini or otherDistribution-specific PHP ini directory, change (or set) xdebug.modedebug. See the PHP configuration documentation for more information.Find out which typical PHP INI file needs to be modified.

    In installations where PHP/Xdebug and your IDE are completelyworkablesame host, that’s really all you need to set up with PHP and Xdebug.(ignore if activationThis is partly related to the debugger.

    If ) PHP/Xdebug runs on a proprietary machine, virtual host, or dockerContainer, you need to tell Xdebug where to set the debug connectionalso, since Xdebug is the one that initiates communication with the IDE, eithervice versa.

    If PHP/Xdebug is running on a different machine on the same subnet and you are usingYour mobile is on the same host as your awesome IDE, then set it upxdebug.discover_client_host is set to 1. Xdebug then implementsThe HTTP-to headers find every IP address of the host that unfortunately initiatedDebug query and use of experts specifying the IP address to connect. it’s commonInstallation type, whether or not you share a development web server with the team.friends.

    In increasingly complex configurations, Xdebug and the host port must be configured.connects to itself. With xdebug.client_host you need to choose an IP address or hostname.the entire machine on which you are runningOn the IDE, where xdebug.client_port is the TCP port.Specify that the host running PHP/Xdebug can connect to your IDE.configured with IP address and port and no firewalls or additional softwareis blocking the incoming connection.

    Enable Stepping Debugging #

    By default, the configuration is loaded into the debugger when a “trigger” is present, although you can ask the debugger to always run oneDebug session timeout sets xdebug.start_with_request to yes.Trigger

    The usefulness depends on whether you are potentially debugging a PHP application.via the browser, in addition to the command line, for example, instead of running unit tests.

    Command Line #

    To tell the debugger to start interacting, xdebug will seeConfiguration variable XDEBUG_SESSION is present.

    ValueUsually the variable doesn’t matter unless your entire family has set the trigger value high.xdebug.trigger_value.XDEBUG_SESSION=1



    Now if you are creating a PHP script with php myscript.php orvendor/bin/phpunit run xdebugt defined debug session andlog into your IDE.


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan for Issues"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair All" to start the repair process

  • Please recommend the Troubleshooting section ifIt doesn’t look like Xdebug can be enabled.

    Web Application Number

    The recommended way to start your own debugging session is to set upIDE to accept incoming debug cable connections and then use phone extensionwhich sets the correct trigger cookie. extension

    launch browser #

  • Xdebug Helper for Firefox(A source).
  • Xdebug Helper for Chrome(A source).
  • XDebugToggle for Safari(A source).
  • Each extension adds an icon to your awesome browser where you can find out which onesthe feature you want to enable. Xdebug should always start debuggingany request as long as the debug switch is enabled.

    Manual initialization #

    Alternatively, your company can signal Xdebug to start debugging withinAdd individually on requestXDEBUG_SESSION=session_name for optional GET (orPOST). A person can choose any valuesession_name, you cano set xdebug.trigger_value value.

    For debugging multiple queries, Xdebug supports the followingDebugging sessions controlled by a cookie. go

    xdebug sets the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie. Byecookie is present, debugging is triggered for every HTTP request(including icons and images if they come through PHP).

    Before Xdebug 3.1, the cookie timeout was typically one hour. begin withXdebug 3.1, cookie never sets timeout.

    If you are using XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP GET (orPOST), http Xdebug usually removes the cookie.

    HTTP cookie #

    Xdebug will start a debug session on the reportHTTP cookie XDEBUG_SESSION. You can choose any value for the cookie,if xdebug.trigger_value is not set safely, in case the value should be the same asvalue/one that is implied in xdebug.trigger_value values.

    Cookie: XDEBUG_SESSION=Start

    Other Ways To Launch The Debugger #


    Calling xdebug_break() will most likely cause the connection to debug almost untilxdebug.start_with_request should bind triggers, not a debug sessionhowever activeins. If a debug session is likely to be active, it will work like this.if the breakpoint was set by your current IDE.

    After the situation

    If errors set xdebug.start_upon_error to yes, thenInitiate a debug connection with xdebug when a PHP notification or warning appears, or whendisposable(Error or exception).

    Troubleshooting #

    You may be able to fix xdebug retries when switching to debug configuring the computer’s log file via xdebug.log. The connections havesuccessfully built, the log will also contain the specific relationship betweenXdebug and IDE.

    Fix common PC problems with this software - download it now to get started.

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